Electric motor problem may be in the windings

When the electric motor does not work, you will not discover the problem if the person staying just facing the electric motor. An electric motor that has been stored for a long time or can not work independently of their appearance.

The first tip to try to discover the electric motor of the problem is to use a simple ohm meter.


If the electric motor of the problem is not in the bearings it is time to check the windings. The first step is to analyze if there is a short circuit on the board, since most appliances will not work if the electric motor winding is short-circuited and it may burn the fuse and thus the electric motor circuit breaker is turned off instantaneously.

An electric motor of 600 volts is ungrounded and therefore the winding short circuit may work and may not even switch off the fuse or circuit breaker.

Understand how the electric bike

The operation of the electric motor is not a difficult task to understand. First, you must understand that this engine makes the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, for this there are specific parts inside that will help it to complete its function.

It uses the principles of electromagnetism to this engine can do the conversion of energy. It is part of a multitude of equipment which we use in our routine. industrial machinery, elevators, electric gates and many other segments make use of that engine to work.

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The engine has won many different segments and why it has many variations, but the vast majority have the same inner workings, but in a simpler or more effective way, depends on the motor type. We have single-phase and three-phase motors that have different runs, the first most basic and simpler than the second.

Ground terminal brings security operation of the electric motor

The electric motor has a ground terminal. It is in this terminal is enabled the contact between the metal outer parts and earth.

It is important that the electric motor has a ground terminal, it is this terminal that brings safety to human contact with the electric motor, the facilities and also the equipment before possible abnormalities that may arise and is thus diverted the flow of current to the Earth.

In the electric motor Voges, who has the casting 56-160, the location of the ground terminal which has the electric motor fixed by the feet is inside the terminal box or near the terminal box; the electric motor which is fixed by the flange, the ground terminal is inside the terminal box.


In the electric motor has a housing 180-400, the electric motor which is fixed by the feet, the ground terminal is inside the terminal box or near the terminal box, as those set by the flange, the terminal ground is inside the terminal box or on the back flange.

Electric motor assembly

Mounting the electric motor is a very important part and should be done by a specialist that understands well the subject. That’s because the wrong assembly may compromise the functionality of this machine, then it is important to give attention to this detail, because it makes a difference.

For those who do not already know, the electric motor has the function of making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most engines are already vested fully and only requires the installation of segment or product in which it is present.


Regarding the inside, the engine is ready for it to work, so the trader does not need to move these details because it is not necessary. It is only necessary that is mounting is done in the process where it will be deployed, for this there are companies specialized in the matter, if there is trouble on the procedure.

Electric motor used Disadvantages

When we buy an electric motor have the option to purchase one that is brand new or used. It is very important that we examine all aspects so that we can make a favorable purchase and that will meet the requirements we need. If you are in doubt about electric motor used, understand how to get yours.

There are some disadvantages of the electric motor used, the principal associated durability of the same, or if it is already used is quite capable of its length be shorter. The engine life time may be smaller and so it will not always be worth you get this type of model, but does not mean it’s all bad this decision, everything will depend on the application in which it is present.


Another disadvantage of an electric motor used is that you can never imagine it if the conditions really are favorable, that is, apparently it can be a good and time machine it may be defective and you will not have to complain about it. So make well made analysis of the product before making the purchase of the same.

Electric Motor Online Shopping

To buy electric motor you do not even have to leave home because it has the online sale option. There are several sites that also work with the sale of electric motor on the Internet today is hard for a product that you do not find to be bought over the internet that greatly facilitates people’s lives. acme single phase 60 hz

Like any other purchase you make is, you need to make a price survey to see which is the company that has the most affordable price for that type of vehicle you need. The issue of vehicle is also very important, especially because it is necessary to know which one will fit what you need, because the price varies according to these characteristics.

Do not forget to give preference to the sites that are more reliable because it is important that you get a purchase well made through this mechanism. There are several reliable websites and with prices that are even more affordable than the virtual stores and would be interesting to give you a look at this issue.